Fire Proximity Suit

A fire proximity suit is a suit designed to protect a firefighter or a worker from high temperatures, especially near fires of extreme temperature. The fabric used to produce an aluminised suit which reflects 95% of heat and ensure superior protection and performance in the extreme work environment faced by civilians, emergency services, homeland defense and military personnel.

Aluminised fire proximity suit offer an efficient solution to working in high- temperature with superior durability. The most critical part about the Aluminised fire proximity suit is the intactness of Aluminum on the outer layer of the suit as it reflects 95% heat, thereby allowing the wearer to remain much longer in proximity to heat & fire.

The Aluminised Three layered Fire Proximity Suit is designed as a one piece suit which can accommodate Breathing Apparatus in its rear portion if need be. The first or the outer layer is made up of Aluminized glass fibre cloth Fabric while second layer is made up of insulation material and the inner most layer is made up of comfort FR fabric. The complete suit is stitched with “KEVLAR” thread for fire resistance and strength. This is supplied along with Insulated Hand Gloves, Hood consisting of Helmet cover, Visor and Shoes with oil and heat resistant sole. The complete set is packed in a Duffle Bag for storage and protection after every use.

  • Protection against high Heat as prevents rapid build-up of heat in Body.
  • A unique three layered construction for providing moisture barrier.
  • Aluminized Fabric reflects Radiant heat.
  • An optional BA Set Pouch helps to accommodate Breathing apparatus for use during Fire rescue operations.
  • Fabric Tested as per EN 11612 / EN 531.

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