Kalisz Tytan Rescue & Fireman Helmet

The helmet is designed for Fire Fighters & rescuers. It can be used during rescue operations from water to road and high altitude rescue by rescue teams as well as during natural disasters, e.g. meadow or forest fire and industrial Fires & hazards.

  • The structure of the helmet provides maximum safety of the user’s head
  • Innovative structure of the helmet shell made of polyamide PA 6.6 reinforced with glass fibre
  • High durability and resistance of the helmet shell against impact and penetration
  • High protective qualities in terms of shock absorption suitable for working in high and low temperatures
  • High comfort of use, light – weight 700 g. Face protector
  • Inside made of soft and durable material – natural leather
  • shock-absorbing insert
  • System of regulating the head circumference between 52 and 66 cm
  • System of regulating the height of wearing the helmet
  • Ventilation system
  • 3-point chin belt with an easy-to-fasten clip
  • Neck protector –short type collar
  • Reflective elements
  • Multipurpose holder for fixing the helmet breathing mask and the torch.


  1. EN 443:1997  Helmets for fire-fighters (resistance to flames)
  2. EN 443:2008 Helmets for fire-fighting in buildings and other structures (resistance to liquid chemicals)
  3. EN 12492:2012  Helmets for mountaineers
  4. EN 397:1995 Industrial helmets (shock absorption, resistance to puncture, resistance to flame, resistance to compressive forces)

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