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The TYTAN helmet for rescuers, type HOT 101.03, is a state-of-the-art helmet for specialized rescue groups intended for use during road, technical, water, and height rescue operations and during natural disasters, e.g. suppression of grassland fires, forest fires. The innovative structure of the helmet’s shell is made from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide using injection technology. This guarantees high mechanical strength and thermal resistance. TYTAN is a multi-purpose, light, and ventilated helmet with excellent basic equipment.

  • The helmet meets the requirements of the EN 12492:2012 standard for mountaineering equipment. Helmets for mountaineers are confirmed by EC type certificate No. EC/S/1938/2012 issued by the CIOP-PIB (Central Institute for Labor Protection — National Research Institute, notified body No. 1437).
  • The helmet also meets the following standards which improve rescuers’ safety:
    • EN 397:1995 — Specification for industrial safety helmets (concerning shock absorption capacity and resistance to piercing and compression forces).
    • EN 443:1997 — Helmets for firefighters (concerning resistance to flames).
    • EN 443:2008 — Helmets for firefighting in buildings and other structures (concerning resistance to liquid chemicals).
  • Full protection at low and high temperatures (-20°C to +50°C).
  • Reflective elements to ensure high visibility of the rescuer.
  • Face and eye protection — protective goggles or a long visor which can be lowered over a breathing mask and which enables use by rescuers who wear corrective glasses.
  • Neck protector made from a fire-resistant textile.
  • Optimum fit and setting on the head of the rescuer due to the wide range of circumference adjustment (52-65 cm), a large knob that can be turned even in gloves, adjustment of the angle and the height, and a 3-point chin strap.
  • Panel ventilation system.
  • A broad range of accessories — suitable for use with breathing masks, torches, and ear protectors
  • The shell is available in any color.

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