Kevlar /Aramid Suit

Kevlar Suit  made out of importer Kevlar Fabric with woolen fabric lining and additional vapour barrier for High temperature applications. In includes: Hood, Coverall/Jacket with trousers, Shoes & Gloves. Overall: An overall is a one piece suit or 2 piece Jacket & Trouser having zipper and stud fastener with out without pouch on the back to accommodate breathing apparatus. Stitching is done by Kevlar threads. Hoods: it houses a fibre glass helmet for firemen as per IS 2745. Two elastisized straps to cover well below the shoulders. Hood has the visor consisting of curved plain polycarbonate and tinted acrylic and outer layer of thin transparent mica. Gloves: 14” long fiver fingered type gloves having stud fastener for better securing at wrist. Boots: Made of upper layer Kevlar fabric and inner  lining of high quality leather, with heavy duty zipper covered with Kevlar fabric flap with extra stud for double protection. Special neoprene rubber sole in non skid pattern for use in oil/chemical/grease area. Metal toe for extra air-room & protection.

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