Fire Entry Suit HR2 FireFly

The suit is made of multi layered Fabrics for Fire Fighting/Entry . EN 1486 Certified 

Manufactured in 3 basic designs:

– coat with an attached hood, trousers

– overall with an attached hood

– hood, coat and trousers

Every single suit is supplied with special protective gloves with silicone coated palm, aluminized heat resistant shoe covers or special shoes equipped with silicone sole suitable for the direct exposure to fire.

The hood is equipped with panoramic safety gold-coated glass visor against radiant heat. The hood is not supplied with helmet. It can be used with any firefighting helmet.

The sleeves are manufactured with adjustable wrists and inner cuffs.

The double safety enclosure (Velcro and zip) is extended from the knee up to the hood which enables an easy manipulation. The hem of the coat is made of elastic rubber band to protect the wearer against radiant heat.

The suit is designed to accomodate fire helmet and self-contained apparatus.

The trousers are manufactured with adjustable braces and waist, the hem is made of elastic rubber band. They have a special side fastening which enables the wearer an easy manipulation with the suit and shoes. 5-finger gloves with inner cuffs are manufactured with special silicone coated palm to get maximum dexterity and anti-slip effect.

Shoe protection available in two options:

– aluminized heat resistant covers with snap fastening

– special shoes with silicone sole suitable for the direct exposure to fire GoodPRO HR2

FireFly fire proximity and entry suit is manufactured in one size only.

The suit is supplied in a special holdall bag. The total weight is approx. 7.9 kg. To get maximum protection and comfort, wear together with quality non-flammable underwear.

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