Venus V430 FFP3

Venus Safety V-430 SLV FFP3 NR – Universal Series Respirator Mask is an excellent medium for respiration protection due to its capability to purify the air. It blocks dust, bacteria, haze, and influenza viruses to safeguard humans from respiratory diseases. Also, this mask reduces stuffiness. Venus Safety Universal Series Respirator Mask is available with an adjustable nose clip, which is made up of aluminum. So, it doesn’t break easily. The inner side of this respirator mask is made of ultra-soft fabric, which is gentle on the skin and gives a comfortable fit on the face of a user. Venus Safety V-430 SLV FFP3 NR has a smart valve installed inside. Due to which, it gives a smooth flow of exhaled air.

  • Unique adjuster beads
  • One way exhalation vent valve
  • Low profile design
  • Latex-free braided textile elastic
  • Elastic sewed outside filter area
  • Aluminum nose clip
  • Protection against respiratory diseases
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to wear
  • EN 149 Approved.

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