Venus H410 Ear band

Banded ear plugs are ideal for intermittent use when switching between noisy and quiet areas. They have replaceable ear plug tips attached to a reusable band that holds the tips in place and allows them to be more easily inserted and removed than standard ear plugs. Wear the band over your head, under your chin, or behind your neck. The band can also rest around your neck when the plugs aren’t in use. Banded ear plugs are less bulky than ear muffs and more convenient than individual ear plugs to protect hearing where high levels of noise reduction aren’t needed.

  • NRR 27dB
  • Smooth, ergonomic pods fit in the ear for maximum protection
  • Patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces
  • Lightweight and portable – designed especially for environments with intermittent noise hazards
  • ISI Approved.

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