Venus V414 FFP2 OV

The Venus Safety 414 SLOV-V-FFP2-NR – Specialty Series Respirator Mask is manufactured for respiratory protection, using the best raw materials like silicone, neoprene that are made into cloth like material. The look and feel of the respiratory mask is low profile, but the outcome of using it is very effective. The main purpose of wearing the venus safety 414 SLOV-V-FFP2 NR mask is safety. And since these are disposable respirators, the protection we get is fully guaranteed.

  • The design of the mask is simple, with an aluminium clip, cut seal edge, latex free braided textile, an exhalation vent valve, outer flame retardant layer, and an elastic outside the filter area.
  • The Venus safety specialty series respirator masks could be used during activities such as painting, brazing, during work with molten metals, construction sites, etc.
  • Colour : Green
  • Size: Usual, free size for all
  • Comfortable to wear for long time
  • Elastic textile
  • Disposable
  • ISI Approved.

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