Venus V90 FFP2

The V90 dual shell designed respirator provides lightweight, effective, comfortable and hygienic respiratory protection against dusts and mists. The convex shape, twin strap design, foam nose seal and steel nose clip ensure a good face seal over a range of face sizes. The unique valve and collapse resistant shell offer durable, comfortable protection particularly in hot and humid conditions. The V90 is at least 92% efficient against fine dusts, water based and non-volatile liquid aerosols down to 0.5 micron.

  •       Dual Shell design- Net reinforced collapse resistance shell, suits tough handling
    • Proprietary Butterfly exhalation valve helps to remove your hot exhaled air for a cooler and drier wear and encourages wearer compliance
    • Braided textile elastic – Diminishes risk of reactions to skin allergy Does not deform with repeat wears, high temperature
    • Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time
    • Mould nose clip to the wearer’s nose shape to help reduce eyewear fogging and for a better seal and fit
    • Coloured straps for easy identification of protection class (blue for P2)
    • Made from advanced Electret Filter Material for effective filtration with low breathing resistance
    • Does not contain components made from natural rubber latex
    • P2 rated filtration efficiency
    • Protects against hazards, such as, dusts, mists, smoke and fume
    • Protection Level: P2
    • Respirator Style: Cup Shaped
    • Standards/Approvals: ISI Approved.
    • Valved: Yes.

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