Venus H510 Ear Muff

The Venus Safety H-510 Earmuff is a type of ear protection gear. These earmuffs are specially designed to protect the user from high decibel noise pollution. Used widely in many industries, the Venus Safety Earmuff helps prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). The Venus Safety H-510 earmuffs are mostly used by people working in industries such as textiles, mining, engineering, construction, automobiles, drilling, petrochemicals, sandblasting and so on. These ear protection earmuffs are popular because they are long-lasting and comfortable and easy to use and maintain. The Venus Safety Earmuff is made of polyurethane material, which is a strong material that resists wear and tear and has properties such as abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

  • NRR 23 db, SNR 27dB
  • Light Weight
  • Minimum hindrance in working
  • Height Adjustment to achieve proper fit
  • Foam filled cushions for Comfortable fit
  • One size fit all
  • ISI Approved

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