Venus V425 SLOV FFP2

Venus Safety V 425 – Pack of 15, Grey Respirator Dust Nose Mask comes with one-way exhalation vent valve for breathing comfort. It protects against welding fumes and nuisance level organic vapors. Venus nose mask has about 95% filtering efficiency. It is used for filtering solid particles, non-oil based liquids from sprays that are tested against particle size of 0.6 micron and liquid or oil-based particles tested for the particle size of 0.4 microns. Venus Grey respirator is recommended to use for industries like welding, battery, brazing, drilling, grinding, printing, sanding, processing, etc.

  • Aluminium clip
  • Elastic sewed outside filter area
  • Latex-free braided textile elastic
  • Low profile design
  • One way exhalation vent valve
  • Unique adjuster beads
  • Easy to wear
  • Long shelf life
  • Protection against respiratory diseases
  • EN 149 Approved.

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