Venus H550 Ear Muff

A Multi Position Cushioned Earmuff with soft foam ear cushion that provides comfortable and secured fit on the ears. It can be worn with the headband behind the head for compatibility with hard hats .The product is handy due to its light weight and comes in universal size.

  • Cushioned Headband comfort during long working hours
  • One Size Fits all, no Need to Stock Multiple Sizes Lower Inventory
  • Light weight can be used with earplug minimum hindrance in working,
  • Wide ear cushions Deep ear cups for superior fit,
  • Height Adjustment to achieve proper fit,
  • Foam Filled Cushions comfortable fit can be used for long durations without discomfort – Signal to Noise Ratio : 26 dB – Noise Reduction Ratio : 23 dB
  • Certificate : IS: 9167 CM/L 7892102
  • Application: Engineering, Automobile, Petrochemicals, Foundries, Power Generation, Construction, Drilling, Sand Blasting, Coal Industries, Chemical, Grinding, Paper Processing, Textile, Printing, Demolition, Railways, Airports.

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