Venus V2428 NH3 FFP2

The Venus Safety V-2428-FFP2-SL-AM – Specialty Series Respirator Mask for Ammonia exposure is basically used during activities where the users might experience choking due to unwanted NH3 gases and vapours arising. For the purpose of respiratory protection and mainly for the safety of the workers, the respirator mask comes as a handy product. One highlight about the venus safety specialty series respirator mask is that is comes under the category of disposable respirators that can be replaced for purity. The Venus safety V-2428-FFP2-SL-AM mask protects the wearer from hazardous air or any waste vapour the user is exposed to. The method by which it happens is that the mask filter out fine dust particles from the air and reduces the harmfulness of any germs it contains.

  • Size: Standard
  • Standard: IS 9473:2002
  • Filters out dust & germs
  • Gives fresh breathable air
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to put on for a long time
  • ISI Approved.

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