Venus V230 FFP3

Venus Safety V-230 SLV FFP3 NR – Premium Series Respirator Mask is the perfect means of safety. It is available with an adjustable aluminum nose clip, which is breakage resistance. This mask consists of a latex-free braided textile elastic. Due to which, having the mask on the nose is comfortable for users. And the users feel at ease while having Venus Safety Premium Series Respirator Mask on their face. The filter of this mask is made using highly soft fabric. Due to which, this mask is gentle on the skin and gives a comfortable fit. Venus Safety V-230 SLV FFP3 NR protects people from many respiratory diseases such as influenza. So, it is one of the best respiratory protection means. It is biodegradable. So, this mask is one of the most favorite disposable respirators for users.

  • Aluminium Clip
  • Low Profile Design
  • Front Pull Elastic Bands
  • Latex-free Braided Textile Elastic
  • One way Exhalation vent valve
  • Easy to wear
  • Long shelf life
  • Purify air
  • Protection against respiratory diseases
  • EN FFP3 Approved.

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