GasBoard 3800P IR Flue Gas Analyzer

It is portable type and used to measure concentration of SO2, NO, CO, CO2 and O2 from stack or boiler emission gases, in which SO2, NO, CO and CO2 are measured by micro-flow infrared sensors and O2 by electrochemical sensor, with optional gas temperature, pressure, velocity etc, calculating combustion efficiency, lambda, etc.


  • Integrate heated sampling probe and sampling hose.• Built-in heated filter, prevent sampling loss.

    • Max working temperature 200℃.

    • Smart design, safe and reliable.

    • Filter element: 2 um

    • Length: 3m

    • Power supply: 220V

    • Power consumption: 330W

    • environmental temperature: -40℃—140℃

Gas analyzer features:

• Innovative micro-flow NDIR technology.

• Measure SO2, NO,CO,CO2,O2 and optional temperature, pressure and flow.

• Less interference of H2O for SO2 and NO measurement.

• Built-in zero pump and auto zero calibration with fresh air.

• Optional printer.

• Calculation of Lambda and combustion efficiency.

• Touch screen.

• USB output.


Gas conditioning system features:

• Efficient peltier dehumidifiers for humidity measurement of low concentrations.

• PID temperature control.

• Needle valve flow control.

• Built-in sampling pump and peristaltic pump.

 Applications: Combustion and emission control research or certification of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), combustion efficiency monitoring for various industrial furnaces or refuse incinerator and boiler.

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