Venus V2930 FFP3

These respirators are of convex shape design and have a double shell to provide high dust retention capacity.V-2900 series respirators have superior micro-fine media technology which protects the user from respirable suspended particulate matter. The filters have a high dust holding capacity which do not get clogged thereby increasing the respirators life.V-2900 series have Venus’s Stay cool butterfly vent valve which provides superior breathing comfort by removing built up heat inside the mask and aides in easy communication. These respirators also come with a special transparent valve cap to demonstrate the performance of the valve.V-2900 series respirators have front pull adjustor mechanism with broad cotton elastic which gives superior fit and relieves strap pressure.These respirators have the headband sewn on the outside filter media to avoid puncture in the filter area and provide a leak-proof fit.

  • Class: FFP3 NR D
  • Protection: Solid Dust / Oil Mist
  • U.L.: Upto 50 x OEL
  • Exhalation Vent Valve
  • Full Foam Seal
  • CE/EN Approved.

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