GasBoard 5020 Emission Gas Analyzer

Gasboard—5020 emission gas analyzer can be used for measurement of the concentration of automobile emission gas CO ,CO2 ,HC ,O2 and NO (optional). It is based on the pulsable infrared source and single source two beams non-dispersion infrared (NDIR) method, this analyzer is designed with portable and smaller physical dimensions.

  • Simultaneous measuring CO,CO2,NO,HC,O2, Lambda.

    • Automatic calculation and display of Lambda and A/F.

    • LCD screen and keypad buttons for easier setting and operation.

    • Selection of C3-C6 factor.

    • Automatic leakage test, blocking test and HC residue test of the sampling line.

    • Optional various type RPM sensors.

    • Optional oil temperature measurement probe.

    • Equipped with RS-232 digital serial interface and PC software.

    • Small size, light weight and most convenient for carry,

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