Endee Expo 98

ENDEE Ex-proof Transmitter Continuously monitors for dangerous concentrations of gases. The 4-20 mA transmission can interface directly with your computer data logger controller or recorder. The standard system consists of a compact electronic or micro-controller based module housed in explosion proof housing box with an application specific gas sensor with a linearised or digital output.

This state of the art transmitter is designed for reliability and long life with industrial grade components. It is available with several options, with or without local indication, painted or powder coated aluminum junction boxes, standard or fully sealed electronics assemblies, suitable for offshore and other highly corrosive atmospheres.

The Transmitter is certified intrinsically safe and housed in Explosion Proof Junction Box. It is rated Explosion Proof for use in hazardous areas Class 1, Division 1, Group A, B & C.

Transmitters with Electrochemical Sensors for various gases are readily available in measurement ranges as per the customer’s requirement. While Combustible and Toxic Gas Transmitters with Catalytic and Solid State Sensors are three wire type, Electrochemical based transmitters can be supplied both in two wire or three wire versions.

  • Response Time :< 2 seconds
  • Zero drift :0.2% Fs half yearly
  • Linearity :± 2% Fs
  • Accuracy :± 1%
  • Repeatability :± 2%
  • Operating Voltage :24 Volt DC
  • Operating Temperature :0-50°C
  • Analog Output :4 – 20 mA / 0.5v
  • Certification :Exproof / Intrinsically Safe
  • Digital Output :RS 232/ RS 485 modlous RTU
  • Relay Output :NO +NC
  • Weight :2.5 kg Operating
  • Humidity :0-95% RH
  • Mounting :Integral mounting plate with 4x mounting holes suitable for M8 bolts.

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