Chemical Spill Kits

Spill accidents are common at workplaces involved in handling, storing, or transporting any  hazardous chemical substances. These chemical spills are very dangerous to the environment as well as to human beings. To deal with these accidental spills, a spill kit is a must-have safety tool for spill control and clean-up. When a spill happens, it is crucial to contain the spread; otherwise, it might lead to other problems such as fire hazard or exposure of hazardous chemicals to humans.

These emergency spill kits can be used at refineries, restaurants, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, transport companies, oil drilling sites, the food processing industry, and other industries prone to such spill incidents. These spill kits contain absorbent pads, pillows, socks, gloves, biodegradable bags, goggles, coveralls, pick up trays, Granules, and other must-have personal protective equipment. For a quick response, these products and PPEs are placed inside a carrying bag or a movable container.

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