Blasting Coverall

The RPG light-duty blast overall protects the operator from rebounding abrasive media. It is an inexpensive substitute for a heavy-duty overall, especially for short-term work or non-blast personnel working intermittently at a blast site. Through its lighter weight, the light-duty overall is more comfortable to wear in hot climates and in summer. The sailcloth and cotton fabrics are easily machine washable. After a job involving toxic elements, discarding a light-duty overall is more economically sensible than throwing a heavy-duty overall away. Blasting coverall is intended to protect the operator from direct and rebounding abrasive media during sandblasting and cloudbursting. For general industrial contamination and mechanical effects protection.

Coverall features central concealed zippered closure on plastic zipper and a velcro closure. Reinforcement patches on trousers and sleeves foreparts are made of split leather. The width of sleeves and trousers bottom is adjustable with straps and metal d-rings to prevent dust and particles ingress. The main fabric lining in the places of skin contact with leather split for additional comfort of the wearer. The coverall seals are made with durable threads and due to double-layered material the coverall is very hard-wearing, which is essential for blasting works. (Design may change without notice)


Main fabric: 100% cotton, density 310 g/m2, durable twill weave 2×1.

Leather split: high-quality buffed split, 0.8–1.1 mm thick.

Sizes: 96-100 to 120-124, Heights: 176 to 188.

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