Venus 108-6AS

The Venus SCBA is a simplistic, reliable and an economical SCBA that meets the class II requirements of ISI for the fire & safety service market and a variety of related applications. It is rugged and reliable with customizable configurations depending on your needs. This Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus boasts a new, modern design and the easy-to-maintain construction provides low cost of ownership. The new demand valve provides an adjustable flow rate and an optional manual bypass function. All the added features of the VENUS SCBA are ideal for extreme working conditions (heavy breathing environments) and increased overall user safety.

  • IS 10245 Part2 Approved , Backplate V08 design, V-666 FFM, Analogue gauge, CC cylinder or Steel Cylinder
  • Polyester FR Harness increased durability – Aramid / CFR waist belt & shoulder straps move independently of each other for mobility & comfort to the user. Reflective fabric sewn on harness for good visibility Buckles are made of heavy duty 304 Stainless steel
  • Lightweight Back-plate – Produced from Nylon material ergonomically designed to suit the shape of human back

    Analogue gauge – Anti-collision, explosion proof & water-proof design Fluorescent display for reading in darkness

    Rubber cover provided dustproof, Water proof.

  • Demand Valve – Connection to breathing apparatus is capable of 360 degree rotation Easy access button for increase the flow air. Ensure large flow and safe air supply by using manual for air flux button Flame retardant casing made using high strength engineered plastics
  • Y Hose Quick release coupling (QRC) connection – Provides auxiliary air to two users in life saving situations.
  • Face mask V-666 – Neoprene Rubber harness tested upto 900o Visor is made of Polycarbonate Hard coat & has Anti fog capability Impact resistance, Heat & flame resistant. Meets class 2 requirements of multi flame burner test.
  • Cylinder Option 1 – Steel Cylinder 6.2 l, 300 bar, Work Life :45 min. Pressure reducer valve & cylinder PESO approved Set weight (filled steel cylinder) approx. 17 kg.
  • Cylinder Option 2 – Carbon composite light weight Cylinder 6.8 l, 300 bar, Work Life:45 min. Pressure reducer valve & cylinder PESO approved. Set weight (with CC filled cylinder) approx. 10.5 kg.

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