Uniphos 395 Breath Alcohol Analyzer

The UNIPHOS™ 395 Breath Alcohol Analyzer is a microprocessor based handheld instruments, which measures the blood alcohol content in a person who has consumed alcohol. It is done by measuring the breath alcohol content and relating it to the blood alcohol content.

When the breath sample is delivered, the software checks the moderate blow of breath sample continuously for 5 seconds and then the instruments draws approximately 200 µl of breath into the fuel cell by means of a pump in 200 miliseconds.


  • Advanced micro-controller based technology
  • Active/passive sampling with fast response
  • Detects breath alcohol level between 0 to 500 mg / 100ml blood or 0 – 0,5 BAC.
  • In-built memory stores up to 3000 tests results along with time and date.
  • Possible to store memory and data per person who has been tested, online via the UNIPHOS™ Breath Alcohol Analyzer application for Android. Personal data can be stored together with a picture and the finally output of the test on the right date.

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