Udyogi EY66-6 Helmet Mount Ear Muffs

The EY66-6 is a lightweight, low profile earmuff designed for protection against low-to-moderate level industrial noise and other loud sounds.

  • Dual moulded and slim cup design
  • Light weight & conversant for all day use
  • No exposure of metal parts & good workmanship having no sharp edges which may cause injuries to the ear and other parts of body
  • The earmuffs reduce pressure on the eardrum through strategic air openings that ensure equalized pressure.
  • Unique moulded inserts that offer maximum ear space
  • Designed to offer excellent noise attenuation.
  • These helmet mountable earmuffs quickly and easily attach to universal slots of hard hats
  • Can be used with combination of ear plug
  • SNR 25db
  • EN 352-3:2000, CE Marked

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