PVC Back Open Coat with Sleeves

Safeco Chemical Splash Proof Back opened Apron with sleeves protects workers in areas where hazards such as acids, chemicals and caustics exist. The. Special reinforcement at every jointy are excellent for use in repair and maintenance jobs. Resistance to tears, abrasion, and harsh environment. Highly – visibility yellow color offers easy identification in times of distress. Rounded collar resists sagging of coats. Fabric tested as per BIS 4051-1981 standards.

  • Available Sizes: 36”, 48” or 52” long.
  • Available in 100% cotton fabric lining (optional)
  • Available in Velcro, buckle & tie
  • Antistatic/Flame retardant option available.
  • Customization of sizes and design possible for large quantities.

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