Honeywell DoseRAE2

A compact, direct-reading and alarming electronic personal radiation detector. It uses a diode and a scintillation crystal to detect X- and gamma radiation, and provides real-time monitoring of personal dose and dose rate.

  • Dosimeter Meets Detector: Contains two separate sensors, CsI/photodiode and PIN diode. The energy-compensated PIN diode provides high-dose-rate range coverage and accurate dose measurements, while the CsI (Cesium Iodide) scintillator provides fast response to low-level radiation.
  • Datalogging and Analysis: DoseRAE 2 offers continuous datalogging with a large, 3,000-point datalog capacity. With associated software, the datalog can be downloaded via USB to a computer. This software is used for data display, analysis and record management.
  • Alarm Types: Integrated loud audible, bright LEDs, and vibration alarms. Total Dose Data: Accurately accumulates real-time dose data. National Standard Compliance: DoseRAE 2 was designed in compliance with IEEE ANSI N42.20 standard, and the performance was tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, U.S.A.

The real-time radiation dose rate monitoring allows immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrences and thus reduces the radiation exposure. By measuring dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate, this detector provides the functions of a dosimeter too. It also measures radiation exposure and exposure rate, which is appropriate for controlling the exposure of emergency responders to photon radiation.

  • Stand-alone electronic dosimeter with LCD display
  • Multiple units with reader and software can be used as a dosimetry system
  • Continuous digital dose rate readout in rem/h, Sv/h and R/h
  • Continuously accumulated total dose readout¬† in rem, Sv and R
  • Prominent visible, audible, and vibration alarms
  • Long calibration life
  • Two operation keys, simple intuitive programming
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Environmental survey
  • Fire Departments
  • Hazardous Material Response Teams
  • Police
  • EMS
  • Military
  • Hospitals

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