Endee FEM 940 Flue Gas Analyzer

  • Sturdy stainless steel sampling probe with extension tubing for ease of measurement.
  • Thermocouple in the tip of probe measures temperature at point of sampling to minimise error.
  • Time tested high suction inbuilt sampling pump acts against draft. Supervisory circuit continuously monitors it against failure.
  • Inline Filter to Inbuilt Moisture & Dust, Disposable easy to replace filter element. Supervisory Diagnostic circuit continuously checks it against choking.
  • Retains the readings till the next sampling.
  • Compact Aluminum Housing
  • Rechargeable Ni-cad battery pack with charger.
  • Maintenance & Spare Parts : Designed for free maintenance operation. Long Life Sensor.
  • Combustion efficiency is determined by Oxygen content and temperature of Fuel gases. An excess air (Oxygen) condition reduces the efficiency as it carries away the heat while a deficient air (Oxygen) produces an incomplete i combustion with consequent higher costs and increased polluting emissions.
  • Long life zirconium sensor
  • Very fast response, no purgetime
  • No reference gas required
  • High accuracy
  • Wide measurement range 1 ppm to 96%
  • Simpletooperate
  • Maintenance free
  • automatic & begins with every start up with fresh air aspirated instead of Gas sample..
  • Automatic self check for efficiency calculation :With aspirated fresh air specific percentage efficiency of the selertpd Fuel is displayed as a cherk nn its calculations.
  • Self Supervisory Diagnosis : Continuously checks the status of: 1) Battery Voltage 2) Sample Flow 3) Oxygen Sensor,


Display A) Oxygen 0-25% in Stack Gas
B) Different Temp. 25-650 deg.C
C) Efficiency 0-99.0%
D)CO 0-2000 PPM
E) C02 (Calculated) 0-25%
Lambda (Calculated)
Resolution A) Oxygen 0.10%
B) Different Temp. 0.10%
C) Efficiency 0.10%
Display Alpha Numeric LCD
Fuels User Selectable Oil, Coal , Gas
Sensors Electrochemical Type K Thermocouple
Calibration Automatic with Fresh Air Sample
Accuracy Oxygen +/- 0.25%
Temp +/- 0.25%
Efficiency +/- 0.25%
Response Time Maximum 30Sec. at 95% Variation
Self Diagnosis Combustion efficiency test with diagnostic indications
Power Supply Internal Ni-cad battery pack with external charger 220V 50Hz Ac (Optional 110V50H2)
Working Temp -5deg X to 55 deg.C
Storage Temp -20 deg.C to 50 deg.C
Replacable Cartridge -20 deg.C to 50 deg.C
Case ABS Plastic
External Dimension 222X105X40mm
Weight 500 gms.
Accessories Leather case with shoulder strap Battery charger, Operational Manual

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