Bosean BH 60

BH-60 fixed gas detector adopts advanced catalytic gas sensor or electrochemical sensor, which can translate the gas concentration in the air to the digital signal output. The detector working with gas controller can be used to detect gas in refinery, chemical plant, LPG station, boiler room, painting plant and other places with gas exists. ATEX & SIL2 Certified.

Gas Detected                                                                                              Ex, O2, CO, H2S, CH4, NH3, CL2, HCL, H2, NO, NO2, NOX, CH2O, O3, CO2, SO2, ETO, PH3, HCN, N2, HF
Detection principle catalytic or electrochemical or PID’s or infrared principles
Sampling Method wall, pipeline, flow-through (with the monitoring of the environment-related)
Resolution 1%LEL, 0.1ppm, 1ppm, 0.01%vol
Precision <5% F.S.
Output signal 4-20mA ,0-5V, RS485, relays, wireless digital (optional)
 Response Time ≦30S
Recovery Time ≦10S
Repeatability ≦±1%
Linearity error ≦±1%
Zero shift                                             ≦±1% (FS / year)
Display Technology Display high brightness LED display
Connection mode G1 / 2 male proof hose pipe thread size Thread size M45 * 2mm
Working temperature -20℃-55℃
Explosion-Proof  Ex d II CT6
Working voltage DC 24V
Dimensions 190×150×95mm
Cable requirement 4-20mA, RVVP, 3-line, ≧1.5 mm2
Modbus, RVVP, 4-line, ≧1.5 mm2


S.No. Gas Range Detection Accuracy 90% Response Time Minimum Readout Alarm Set Point Low/High
1 PH3 0-2000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 0.01ppm 0.3/5ppm
2 O2 0-30%vol ±5% ≦15s 0.10% 19.5%/23.0%
3 EX 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≦5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL
4 CO 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 1ppm 50ppm/100ppm
5 CO2 0-5000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 1ppm 1000ppm/2000ppm
6 H2S 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
7 NO2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦25s 0.1ppm 3ppm/10ppm
8 NO 0-250ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
9 SO2 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 0.1ppm 2ppm/10pppm
10 CL2 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦30s 0.1ppm 1ppm/10ppm
11 NH3 0-100ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦50s 1ppm 25ppm/50ppm
12 H2 0-1000ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 1ppm 50ppm/10ppm
13 HCN 0-50ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦200s 0.1ppm 10ppm/20ppm
14 HCL 0-20ppm ±5%(F.S) ≦60s 0.1ppm 5ppm/10ppm
15 CH4 0-100%LEL ±5%(F.S) ≦5s 1%LEL 25.0%/50.0%LEL

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