3M Jupiter PAPR

The 3M Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit, when used with one of the 3M approved headtops, forms a power-assisted respiratory protection device. The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit can be used with the following 3M headtops: HT-100 Series, HT-400 Series, HT-600 Series, HT-700 Series, and HT-800 Series. Choice of 3 batteries: 4 hr, 8 hr, Intrinsically Safe (4 hr). Nickel Metal Hydride batteries provide longer duration for less weight. Choice of 5 filter types: P, A2P, KP, ABEP, A2BEKP. Filter covers reduce dust & sparks entering the filter body. Small profile of the Jupiter TM Air Filter Unit allows good freedom of movement especially in smaller spaces. Smooth shape of the Jupiter TM Air Filter Unit allows easy cleaning. Ergonomically designed belt improves user comfort. Electronic alarm gives visual and audible warning of low airflow and/or low battery. Simple calibration method provides extended product life without requiring manufacturer’s maintenance. Low maintenance design. Kit consists of JUPITER TURBO UNIT (INCLUDES BLT-12 BELT, CALIBRATION TUBE AND AIRFLOW INDICATOR TUBE). DOES NOT INCLUDE BREATHING TUBE, BATTERY OR CHARGER. All other accessories to be purchased separately.

  • The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit, when used as an approved system with appropriate filters provides protection against:
  • Particles e.g. fine dusts, mists and metal fume.
  • Gases & vapours.
  • Particles & gases combined.
  • The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit, when used with an appropriate headtop and filters, can be used in various applications including: Pharmaceutical. ● Chemical mixing/handling. ● Laboratories ● Paint Spraying (not isocyanates) ● Fibreglass handling ● Chemical and Agrochemical Spraying ● Welding ● Foundries ● Grinding
  • The Jupiter™ System incorporating Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit (085-00-10P) with 3M approved headtops has been tested and approved to EN 12941.
  • The Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit satisfies the following requirements: Dust protection and protection against spraying water to EN 60529 code IP53.
  • When the Jupiter™ Air Filter Unit is fitted with Intrinsic Safety Kit (085-12-00P) consisting of an I.S. Battery and I.S. Pouch and connected by the lightweight breathing tube (008-00-42P) to a 3M approved headtop the system satisfies the following additional requirements:
  • Dust protection to EN 60529 code IP63.
  • Intrinsically Safe to EN 50014, EN50020 and EN50281 (EEx ib IIB T3 and II 2 G D).

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