Wipro Lifelite


Wipro Rechargeable LED torch is a very handy and must-have tool in every household to get a handy and lightweight lamp available for use during power cuts. The emergency rechargeable torch finds its use for many other purposes including being a handy source of light during outdoor camps and adventures. You can consider keeping this emergency light during your car travels. This incredible emergency light is available at Snapdeal at a very affordable price.

Style and Design

The Wipro Rechargeable LED torch gives out the bright light of 130 lumens. It comes with rechargeable batteries and has an incredible operating time of 7 hours which saves your day if you are caught in long power cuts and power breakdowns. The emergency light requires a charging time of 16-24 hours. The stylish rechargeable torch is sure going to be of immense help in your routine activities as well.

Quality and Durability

Wipro is a pioneer in building products that are high in quality and durability. The built-in function of overcharge and deep discharge make this a durable product that comes in handy wherever you go. The high-quality plastic case that houses the light is very durable and sturdy yet very lightweight.


The emergency light has 3 LED lights that emit 130 lumens of bright light. The rechargeable battery is a sealed Lead Acid battery of 6 volts.

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