Waterproof Button Boots

These boots are appreciated for their durability, slip resistance and optimum comfort by our quality-conscious clients from across the globe. Designed in compliance with international quality standards, our range is available with rubber or PVC made anti-skid soles. This sturdy black Snow Ankle Boot Button Boot offers superior all-terrain protection against the harshest of weather conditions.

  • Ankle high boot
  • Waterproof rubber upper
  • Rubber sole with ridged traction design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Design – Button Boot/Ankle Boot
  • Size: 5-10
  • Colour: Black
  • Toe – With/Without Steel Toe Cap
  • Reinforcement – Complete body reinforcement with/without heavy duty Cotton lining
  • Material – Sole : Polyvinyl Chloride, Upper : Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Hardness – Sole/Heel : 60 +5oA
  • Sole Design – Anti Skid Lug Sole
  • Flexing Endurance – Upper : 1,50,000 Cycles (De Matin), Sole : 50,000 Cycle (Ross)
  • Leak Proofness – No leakage when air with pressure of 1.5 Kg is forced into the Boot
  • Special Features – Kick-off Spur for easier extraction of foot from the boot. Resistant to mild Acid/Alkaline up to 20% concentration. Change in hardness after immersion in 20% Acid/Alkaline for 48 hrs. is not more than + Electrical Breakdown Voltage 1.1 kv

Application – Industrial Boots having significant utility in Construction, Snowy Areas Industrial, Electrical & Chemical Enterprises, Salt Manufacturing Workers and Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining facilities. Also the same are of use in heavy rains and snow.

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