Static Dissipative Mat

Common work surfaces made of wood, sun-mica generate static electricity very easily on friction. Covering these work surfaces with static dissipative mats ensures that all electronic components/ sub assemblies are safe while being handled, inspected or tested. Table Mats are of 3 layer construction. A conductive layer is buried in between outer static dissipative layers.

Outer Layers Provide aesthetic appearance to a work environment protect components on a PCB from shorting while the sub assembly is being tested are easy to clean with any mild soap detergent.

 Inner Conductive Layer Provides quick drainage of static charges to the ground These mats can be made available in various sizes.

 Material – Sheet of 2mm thickness, triple layer in construction. Electrically Conductive layer buried in between Static Dissipative layers. Surface Resistivity of Static Dissipative layers = 5 x 10to 108 ohms/sq. Surface Resistivity of Conductive layer < 5 x 104 ohms/sq

 Colours: Grey / Light Brown / Blue


The complete flooring is grounded using the conductive layer and Copper strips fitted between the floor and the mat in a grid form. Rivets are used to conduct electricity from the middle conductive layer to the earthing points provided on either side of the room.  It is necessary to connect these earthing points to EARTH (by means of an earth pit)


Following accessories are provided by us in installation of flooring mats

  1. a)     Copper Strips
  2. b)    Rivets
  3. c)     Grounding Cords ( moulded with 1 Meg ohm resistor)
  4. d)    Grounding connectors ( on earthing points)


The user has to provide the following prior to installation of the flooring mats.

  1. a)     Clean, smooth flooring surface. Free of dirt, dust and pot holes.
  2. b)    Empty room to facilitate easy installation.
  3. c)     Earthing connection from an isolated earth pit on any suitable wall of the room.

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