ESD Coveralls

Color White, Blue, green, etc
Material 96% polyester filament fiber + 4% conductive fiber
Pattern 2/3 TWILL
Size S M L XL XXL … / All Sizes
Surface Resistivity (ohm/unit) 10e6 ~ 10e9
Recommended Class Of Cleanroom Class 100~1000
Applications: 1.Semiconductor production line, chips, microprocessor

2.Semiconductor assembling line

3.PCB products

4.Laboratory and etc


  • It is designed to shields ESD charges from operators’ clothing from damaging.
  • It is constructed of dissipative material which made from polyester and a minimum of 2% carbon conductive fiber. The carbon suffused nylon creates electro-static dissipation to prevent static electricity.
  • It is smock with storage pocket on back, and front closure with zipper.
  • There’re 3 elastic bands on both sleeves for arm size fitting, and add one badge holder stripe on back for hanging.
  • They also have one badge holder tab on chest, one sleeve pen pockets on arm.
  • It offers good resistance to static, dust and chemicals. It is designed for Class 100-1000 cleanrooms and higher.
  • And it is applicable in Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical industries and etc.
  • Meets ESD standards, system resistance ranges from 106-109ohms
  • Design varies based on availability.

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