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Lightweight impact resistant regular peak blue baseball type cap, sturdy poly-cotton outer shell.


  • Light weight-impact resistant baseball type cap.
  • Black coloured ABS shell.
  • Sturdy/Poly-cotton outer-shell.
  • EVA reinforcement with cotton and mesh polyester.
  • Adjustable single size by velcro band from 52 to 56 cm.

Construction & Civil, Logistics & Transportation, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Light, Aerospace & Aviation, Consumer Goods (FMCG)

  • Falling Object, Impact, Bump, Vibration, Projectiles, Abrasion
  • Low hazard bump caps are ideal for when head protection is desired but not required.
  • Bump caps reduce exposure to minor injuries like bumps, cuts, scrapes and bruises to the head, which can impact comfort and productivity.
  • The bump cap shell fits within a baseball cap providing protection.
  • Ideal for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, heavy equipment and machinery assembly, food and beverage, brewing, painting, HVAC and electrical work, installation, and other jobs where structures overhead pose a threat for workers to “bump” their heads.
  • Do not use where AS/NZS approved head protection required.
  • ABS shell with EVA reinforcement helps absorb shocks from falling objects.
  • Cotton-mesh polyester enhance breathability.
  • EN 812:1997 + A1:2001 Industrial bump cap.
  • Lightweight impact resistant baseball type bump cap offers both style & comfort, consists of ABS material covered on the exterior with cotton & mesh polyester and padded with EVA on the inner side of the shell to absorb shocks.
  • Weight: 227 gms.

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