Harvik Dielectric Boots

Harvik range of Dielectric boots are all hand made by skilled craftsmen and every part of the boot components are thoroughly researched and tested for highest level of performance. The boot meet or exceed the most stringent international standards including CE, ANSI/NFPA (USA), CSA (Canadian) and SANZ (New Zealand). Recommended for working environment with high voltage hazards/ Power station operations


  • Individually tested, withstanding voltage up to 10 kV in wet condition, and 37 kV in dry condition
  • Dieletric boots contain 200 Joule Epoxy coated steel toe
  • SBR blended NR upper with polyester lining
  • Highly chemical-resistant rubber upper
  • Extra shin protection
  • Cut-off line to make boot shorter
  • Abrasion-, chemical-, oil-, heat- and slip-resistant, and air cushioned vulcanized NBR lug sole for inimical environment
  • Resistance to hot contact 300˚C/527˚F for 60 seconds
  • Ultra flexible: Exceeds 305,000 Flex Rating
  • Ideal for: Power station operations, Substation (step-up/down/distribution) operators, Electrical hazards with wet condition/water exposure, High current leakage hazards & Electrical installations.

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