Etche Securite FireFighter

These Light Weight fire fighter rubber boots have flame resistant upper with heat insulation reinforced rubber fire fighter boots. Waterproof fireman boots. Inner lining of extra comfort woven cotton canvas heat resistant steel toe cap and steel midsole. Fuel, oil, electrical & temperature resistant vulcanized rubber sole hypalon coating for weather resistance. These fire safety boots are suitable for general fire rescue & fire fighting operations.

FIREMAN SABF Boots (safety toe cap + anti-perforation mid-sole)
  • Excellent resistance to heat flow, heat contact, fire.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals : fuels, oils, weak and diluted acids, solvents.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts
  • Used with chemical protective suits (satisfy permeation tests according to EN 943-1 and EN 943-2).
  • Polymer toe cap*
  • Composite anti-perforation mid-sole*
  • Outside height (size 8): 370 mm
  • Weight (size 8): 2100g / pair
  • Elastomer: fireproofed NBR / CR
  • (fireproofed nitrile/polychloroprene rubber)
Comply with standards :
EN 15090 type 3 HI3

Boots for emergency situation and fire with toxic chemicals emission.

  • Heel shock absorption.
  • Resistance to heat contact (HRO).
EN 13832-3 J P Q

Boots highly resistant to chemicals :

  • N-Heptane (J)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (P)
  • Isopropanol (Q)
EN 13287
  • Sole slip resistance (SRC)
  • Steel floor.
  • Ceramic floor.

Marine fire protection equipment certified by SEE-BG, notified body N°0736 .

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