Digital Static Charge Meter

Reliable on-the-spot measurement of static charges has been easier than with the portable SCM-01. Hand-held, yet highly accurate and low drift, the MPSCM-02 answers three basic questions:

  1. Is static present and on what Surfaces, Materials or people ?
  2. How much static?
  3. What is the polarity of the Charge ?

The instrument is ideal for use in such static sensitive environment as electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, computer, medical and R&D Laboratories, surgical rooms, medical device manufacturer, printing pres, packing and production lines, etc.


Measurement Range : +/- 10kV At 1 Inch

Measurement Accuracy : +/- 10%

Indication : 2 ½ Digit LCD Display

Test actuation : Press TO read

Power supply : 9 Volt Battery

Low battery : warning at 7.0 volts

Calibration : Recommended every 12 months

Dimensions : 135 x 70 x 30mm

Weight : 180 Gms

Warranty : 12 Months.

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