Chemical Absorbent Pillow

Chemical Sorbents are made of melt blown poly propylene. As the name says, they absorb Oil, coolants, solvents, paints, acids, bases and almost all water based fluids used in an industrial facility.

These pillows are used for high capacity absorption and localized spills or persistent leaks. You might or might not need them. Make sure to evaluate the danger at your workplace before making a decision. The high absorbent capacity of pillows makes them suitable for persistent leaks and spills which require high capacity.

  • Special Polypropylene Filling ensure excellent absorbent capacity
  • Absorbs most of the Acid & Bases.
  • For collecting dripping fluids under pipes, valves, hydraulic lines, flanges etc.
  • Designed for absorbs larger amount of liquids for immediate response.
  • Colour Coded in yellow for Easy Identification.
  • Upper Spun bond Covered that filter Dust and absorbs liquids only.
  • Tough spun bond top layer won’t rip, tear or fray and is UV resistant up to 12 month; provides long-term outdoor use without Degradation.
  • Dimension: 30 cm. x 30 cm. / 25 cm. X 40 cm.
  • Application: Acids, Bases, Paints, Chemicals, Solvent
  • Absorbency: 10-15 times of its Weight.

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