Oil Absorbent Roll

Oil only absorbents are specialized for absorption of hydraulic oil, motor oil, brake fluid, cooking oil, turpentine and many more oil-based fluids. These absorbents will not absorb water and will float indefinitely. Oil only absorbent pads and rolls are available in a variety of options ranging from static resistant for use around ignitable fluids and fumes to durable, low linting products for wiping tools or components.


  • Absorbs oil only based Liquids.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • Fire Retardant as per ASTM 726.
  • Highly absorbent, Fine – Fibre Construction won’t leave behind Liquids or Fibre Residue.
  • Exclusive Dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier clean-up.
  • Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need, so less mat used and save Cost.
  • Tough spun bond top layer won’t rip, tear or fray and is UV resistant upto 12 month; provides long-term outdoor use without Degradation.
  • Application: Fuels, Hydraulics Oil, Vegetable Oil, Crude Oil, Other Oil based Liquids
  • Dimension: 38 cm. x 46 mtr. / 1 mtr X 46 mtr.
  • Absorbency: 10-15 times of its Weight.

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