Burn gel products comply with these Standards

BurnGel Spray Bottle (25 ml)


MEDIC BurnGel solves the immediate first aid needs for all types of burns by relieving the pain, rapidly removing the heat and cooling the burn. BurnGel is viscous enough for it to remain on the burn wound and not run off, while simultaneously drawing the heat out and up into the gel.

An antiseptic / anesthetic burn gel spray with Aloe Vera & Tea tree Oil provides effective pain relief from burns. The cold reduces the pain and swelling and prevents the injury from penetrating the skin deeper. It is the same solution found in the burn dressings and fire/trauma blankets. The convenience of a spray bottle makes the Pain Relieving Gel portable and easy to use to treat partially deep burns, scalds, sunburn and electrical burns.

  • Provides immediate pain relief by covering exposed nerve endings
  • Rapidly cools and soothes the burn
  • Draws the heat out and stops the burn progression
  • Reduces swelling, redness, and additional skin and tissue damage
  • Medical grade ingredients
  • Portable, safe, and easy to use

Application: Spray a thick layer of gel over burn area. Repeat if necessary. The 25 ml bottle is

designed for inclusion in first aid kits, at home, and in the work place.

Shelf life: 5 Years

Ingredients: Melaleuca Oil, Aloe Vera, Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Surfactant & Purified Water

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