Ansell AlphaTec® 15-554 PVA

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fully Coated Gloves Are Interlock Knit-lined. Nearly inert to strong solvents including aromatic, aliphatics and chlorinated-chemicals which deteriorate natural rubber, neoprene and PVC gloves. With PVA® there is little absorption to cause swelling and little extraction to cause shrinkage. CAUTION: PVA® is water soluble. Do not use in water based solutions. Knit lined. Smooth texture. Large size.

  • Virtually inert in aromatic and chlorinated solvents
  • Comfortable anatomical glove with precurved fingers and winged thumb. Easier to manipulate and less tiring to wear
  • Soft two-piece knitted liner. Cushions the hand and absorbs perspiration
  • Pre-curved fingers and winged thumb
  • Supported glove with interlock cotton liner
  • Length 14”
  • CE/AN Approved.

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