The best portable AED with inbuilt CPR Monitor meant for quick and simple treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and to assist in delivering the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The Smarty Series is AMI Italia latest defibrillators line that meets all the requirements of a modern AED: designed to be reliable, simple and easy to use by anyone, whether they are trained or not.

The Smarty Saver Plus assists the operator for the correct execution of cardiac massage during the CPR, thanks to the external CPR quality sensor. The operator can count on a real time support to carry out the CPR successfully. The real time CPR quality feedback from the AED is unique and is a life saver.

Thanks to the CPR Quality Module, the operators can check:

  • The correctness of the depth of the compressions they are performing, through the LED bar on the defibrillator’s keyboard.
  • The correct frequency/rhythm of compressions through the audio signals emitted by the AED.

Even in the best of circumstances, an emergency medical response cannot respond as quickly as a bystander with access to an AED. The Lightweight & Portable, thanks to the folding handle, the compactness and its catchy look, are conceived to meet the “Gold standard” for early defibrillation in large public areas.

  • Model: Smarty Saver Plus SM4-B1004 Fully Automatic with CPR Monitor
  • Advanced Electronics.
  • Reduced dimensions and intuitive size (A4 Size)
  • Instant switch between adult and child mode.
  • Fully automatic Unit.
  • IP 56 dust and water resistance.
  • Fast shock administration in 9 seconds.
  • Practical folding handle.
  • Audio and visual signals for users.
  • Guidance through voice prompt and metronome.
  • Universal pre-connected electrodes.
  • BTE waveform defibrillation with shocks <=200J

Approvals: Approved to Latest ERC/AHA Guidelines, CE, IEC & EN Approved.

Warranty: 5 Years on the complete Unit. 3 Years on the replaceable Battery pack & 2.5 yrs  on the Pads.

Physical Size: 200x213x71mm (folded handle) 257x213x71mm (open handle) 

Weight: 1.56 Kg (with battery and PADs)


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