Uvex UltraSonic Flip Up 9302 Welding Goggle

A new generation of welding protection eyewear available with different grey-tint lenses and various protection classes. The innovative technology affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining enhanced colour recognition in accordance with EN 172. The special infradur AF coating of the uvex ultrasonic flip-up 9302 safety goggle has anti-fog properties which prevents the inside of the lenses fogging up and the extreme scratch-resistance on the outside keeps damage from welding sparks to an absolute minimum. The new welding safety goggle uvex ultrasonic flip-up 9302 fits the face perfectly and is extremely comfortable – enhancing the wearer’s experience.

  • High degree of mechanical strength
  • High level of protection for professional welders
  • Perfectly suited for wearing over prescription safety spectacles
  • Flip-up filter, minimum damage from welding sparks
  • Easily replaceable lens filters
  • Easy to combine with other PPE products
  • New filter technology
  • Enhanced colour recognition UV and IR radiation protection (welding shades 3/5)
  • Approvals: EN 172

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