Uvex Neotherm Smelter Blue Lens Safety Eyewear

Neotherm blue glass lens Foundry Goggles. 4-6 infrared rays. Impact class S. Foldable side edges and anatomical design. Lens replacement Lanyards adjustable in length and inclination. Anatomical Ear Construction, Angle and Length Adjustable Custom Framed,  Anti-Fogging Double Lens Feature,  Opening Closed Type Welder/Smelter Eyewear.  Frame Gray Color. The adjustable angle of view and the foldable double lens feature makes the user comfortable and comfortable.

  • Anti-glare double lens feature
  • Glasses blue, frame gray
  • Windows   4-6 HC-AF
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Scratch resistant
  • Approvals: EN 166, EN, 169, EN 170, EN 171

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