PVC Gloves

These PVC Gloves provide flexible, liquid-proof protection with excellent abrasion resistance for a wide range of applications in the chemical, electronics, food, janitorial, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The Gloves have a gripped finish to promote good grip when handling wet or slippery components, and this enables safer handling of tools and materials, as well as reduces hand and arm fatigue.

•Cotton liner or non lined gloves with full PVC and gauntlet-style cuffs

•Soft PVC maintains dexterity and pliability at low temperatures

•Dipped rough finish for enhanced grip when handling wet and slippery materials

•Gauntlet-style cuffs to protect the wrists against splash-back

•Excellent resistance to abrasion and good tear resistance

•Suitable for use in the food industry & chemical industry.

•The gloves are suitable for applications in a range of industries, primarily the chemical, electronics, food processing and services, janitorial services, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

•Lengths Available – 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” & 22”

•Available with Cotton Lining and Without.

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