Medic First Aid Kits comply with these Standards

Medic 7500 Series


An all purpose First Aid Kit has what you need in a handy kit that fits conveniently in a cupboard, trunk, or any shelf or just wall mount it. The general use first aid kit provides all the essential items you’ll need to deal with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sprains, strains, pain, fever and more. Designed to be user-friendly, this best-selling First Aid kit offers a variety of treatment and healing products. It also includes step-by-step first aid guide so you’ll know what to do ( and what not to do).  The ICONIC MEDIC Series, MOC – ABS-synthetic material, temperature resistant, shockproof, dimensionally stable, dust proof, waterproof, low-maintenance, transparent cover panel, smooth turn-lock fasteners, sealing device. A flexible first aid kit to be mounted on the wall that easily can be clicked down and thanks to its robust handle be brought to the emergency situation. The box is initially filled with an optimal first aid content but can easily be customised with other products, according to needs. The box is filled with a rubber mold to make it airtight and resistant to dirt and dust. All products come with clear, self-explanatory instructions.

  • Supplied with the Patented MEDIC FIRST-AID Disc Guide.
  • Classification of Outer Case : ANSI Type III kit. Portable, Mountable & Water Resistant.
  • Kit Colour : High Visibility Orange
  • Mounting Provision : Supplied with a Wall Mount Bracket
  • Hardware for mounting is included.
  • Contents : Colour Coded as per ANSI ANSI/OSHA Z308. 1-2015 standards.
  • Dimensions : 38.5 X 27 X 13.8 cms

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