Mallcom KCL Seamless Kevlar Knitted

The Mallcom Kevlar Knitted Gloves are designed to provide superior protection against mechanical risks in light- to heavy-duty handling and production applications. A high level of cut resistance, comfort , dexterity and durability is achieved through the use of high-performance Kevlar.

•Kevlar is a durable and extremely strong fibre that provides excellent cut resistance. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, and, as a result, provides exceptional protection against cut while remaining lightweight. The use of Kevlar for these gloves produces gloves that are lightweight, durable and provide good dexterity.

•The Gloves has a coating which repels liquid and protects the Kevlar fibres to extend the longevity of the gloves. Reinforced thumb welts increase the abrasion resistance of the gloves, further adding to their durability.

•The Gloves are machine washable at 40°C. This enables the gloves to be washed and reused many times.

•The gloves have been tested to EN 407-5:2004 for their resistance to heat. They achieved a rating of X1XXXX, meaning that they provide protection against contact heat up to 350°C.

•These gloves are suitable for a number of applications in the automotive, building, chemical, glass, metal fabrication and machinery and equipment industries. Ideal applications include (but are not limited to) : Assembly and finishing ; Assembly of white goods ; Stamping operations ; Body assembly ; Glass repair ; Sheet metal ; Metal work.

•Length 11-12”

•EN 407 & EN 388 Approved.

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