HAWS 999S Combination Eyewash cum Shower

Provides medically superior. AXION® eye/face wash. The advanced AXION® eye/face wash head is mounted in a 10″ stainless steel bowl and provide a flush that is consistent with medical protocols by sweeping contaminants away from the interior of the eye using inverted, laminar flow water streams for greater victim comfort. The unit includes flow controls to both the eye/face wash and shower to deliver steady water flow. ANSI Approved.


AXION MSR® is a breakthrough offering from Haws. AXION MSR® products are designed to offer medically superior response to any emergency situation. They provide a complete ANSI compliant safety solution coupled with enhanced victim comfort and injury reduction.

Injury Reduction:

Inverted wash streams clear the eye by gently sweeping contaminants away from the eye interior and nasal cavity helping further injury.

Increased Victim Comfort:

Laminar flow eye/face wash streams provide even consistent, predictable stream height for greater user comfort, encouraging use for the full 15-minute as per ANSI Z358.1 requirement.

Medically Superior:

AXION MSR® is the only eye/face wash duplicating the ‘inside-out’ flushing methodology recommended and used by medical professionals.

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