Antistatic Bags

Antistatic Bags are made of flexible polythelene material rendered antistatic by the use of special anti static agents. The surface resistivity is maintained below 1010 ohms per square. These bags are made from tubes of standard widths. The standard thickness of the bag is 0.1mm (100microns). Bags can be easily heat sealed to protect the contents within. Each bag carries a standard caution message. Additional user messages, monograms can be printed on request.

Parameter Test Standard Value Units
Surface Resistivity ASTM D 257 109–1012 Ohms/sq
Static Decay FTS 101C Method 4046 2 Seconds
Tensile Strength ASTM D 882 300 Kg/cm
Puncture Resistance FTS 101C Method 2065 2.5 Kg
Elongation ASTM D 882 300 %
Impact Strength ASTM D 882 7.11 Kg/cm
Thickness 0.1 mm

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