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The First 15 Minutes Can Make The Difference

A Suitable Solution For Every Challenge – When a person is injured, you often find that bystanders do not know first aid and therefore do not offer any assistance, this can be for a number fo reasons, such as fear and not knowing what to do in an emergency situation. The MEDIC range of first aid kits is the new first aid and rescue system that includes easy to follow colour coded, illustrated contents to help in the right and quick treatment to the patient. The MEDIC FAST AID assist guide allows everyone to come to anyone’s rescue.

Firstly, The Unique MEDIC Fast Aid Guide

Tells the first-aider exactly what needs to be done for each type of emergency. This disk illustrates different types of injuries and the corresponding colour coded actions required to treat the patient. The disk is illustrated with images to help the first-aider identify the injury and treatment required. By moving the disk to appropriate image, it will indicate the coloured contents in the MEDIC First Aid Kits and the actions that needs to be taken to treat the patient. 

Secondly, The Colours Contents In The Box

Leads the first aider to the right aids and tools, which are packed in corresponding compartments, these are supplied with letters and visuals, allowing a person without first aid experience to easily find the right treatment. They are colour coded as per the latest ANSI/OSHA 2015 Standards. We also offer first aid guides and booklets that can be used in a First Aid Kit or cabinet, and for teaching or sharing first aid principles.

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For user convenience, we have named and colour coded most of the contents in our First aid kits for easy identification. The above codings are as per ANSI/ISEA Z308. 1-2015 norms.

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