MOBILIZE™ RS 601 Rescue Stretcher

Rescue Stretcher (Model – Mobilize™ RS 601) has built a reputation for its ability to cope with confined space rescue, vertical and horizontal lifting by winch on a helicopter or tripod as well as do all the actions that a conventional basket stretcher can do by being dragged or carried.

The stretcher is fabricated from a special plastic grade which is both flexible and durable. Securing straps with steel buckles are sewn onto the stretcher through brass grommets which contribute to the strength and durability. This stretcher is functional in the desert or jungle. It will not break even at -49°C. Can be used for Horizontal or Vertical lifts.

The best features of Mobilize™ RS 601 are

  • Robust, compact and lightweight and suitable for horizontal and vertical lifting.
  • Flexible and smooth allows easy sliding
  • Strong handles allow it to be manoeuvred by several rescuers
  • Vertically and horizontally hauling options
  • Secure lifting straps mould the stretcher around the casualty
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Additional Information
  • The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications; this stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security. It comes equipped for hoisting by helicopter in horizontal position or hoisting in vertical position in caves or industrial confined spaces. When the patient is packaged, the stretcher becomes rigid. The durable plastic provides protection for the patient while allowing extrication through the most demanding confined spaces. The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough cordura backpack which is included with the system. The system ships at 9 Kg. and comes complete for most applications.